Register and Login

Method 1:
You can find the ‘New user register form’ in the top section of the home page. 
  • Fill all the fields
  • Click on the checkbox to agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • Click on the ‘Register Free’ button
Method 2:
  • Click on the ‘Register Free’ menu item
  • Click on sign up button for social media (Google+, Linkedin, Facebook) Or Enter your name, birthday, email and preferred password and click on Sign up
  • Fill the detailed registration form to add information for your profile

Yes, you can sign up using Google+, Linkedin and Facebook. Refer method 2 in ‘How do I register?’ for more information.

You cannot login to the website unless you have successfully registered previously.If you already have an account, check whether your username and password are correct.  If the problem still prevails check whether you have a stable internet connection. 

If none of the above procedures were successful, please check back again later as the website may be undergoing technical issues. 

Yes, registration to Trendy Matrimony is completely free.

Logged in users

You will not get match suggestions until the detailed registration form is filled to create your user profile.

You will only be allowed to view user profiles when the detailed registration form for your profile is filled. Untill then, clicking on a user profile will direct you to the detailed registration form. 

Non-logged in users

Yes, you can search for users even if you are not logged in. But you cannot visit a user profile or send them a request. 
Method 1:
Search from the home page
  • Fill the basic search form in the home page
  • Click on ‘Search’ button
Method 2:
Search from the search page
  • Click on ‘Search’ menu item
  • Fill the basic search form in the search page
  • Click on ‘Search’ button

You cannot view a user profile unless you are registered and logged in to the website. Only basic information like the profile picture and name will be shown to the non-logged in users. 

No, you cannot send messages to users without logging in to the website.

No, only logged in users can save a search to be viewed later.

Profile and photos

Your user profile is automatically created when you register to Trendy Matrimony. The information you enter in the detailed registration form will be displayed in your profile. 

Yes, you can click on the edit buttons on your profile to edit any section you prefer. 

You can add photos using the Photo Album feature in the profile page. 

Yes, you can add any number of photos to your photo album.

Yes, you can protect your photos from profiles you have not added, by click the chechbox next to ‘You want to protect your photos?’

Chat / Messages

You can only send messages to users who has been added to your account by sending and approving a like request. 

Yes, you will receive a message notification when a new message is received in the My Home page.



Basic search is available for both logged in and non-logged in users and uses basic criteria such as gender, age, height, religion, native place etc.

Advanced search is available only for the logged in users and has a more advanced search criteria than basic search including education, occupation and horoscope details.

You can save a search buy clicking the ‘Save and Search’ button after filling the basic or advanced search form. This lets you retrieve the search result for later viewing from the ‘Search’ page.  
  • Fill search form
  • Click ‘Save and Search’
  • Give a unique name to the search (Ex: Brides in Madurai)
  • Click ‘OK’

All the saved searches are accessible through the ‘Search’ page. You can click on the search name and view the result.

You can save any number of search results as you prefer.

Like requests

You can click on the ‘Like’ button in a user profile to send a like request to any user.

You will be able to send messages to that specific user and view protected information of the user profile such as photos, phone number and horoscope documentation.

You will not be able to send messages or view additional information of the user profile. 

Yes, you can send a new request to the same user.

Yes, you can send like requests to any user on Trendy Matrimony. 

Yes, you can unlike a user by visiting their profile and clicking on the ‘Unlike’ button,

You can accept or reject Like requests from the profile page.


Click on the ‘Matches’ menu item to navigate to the matches page.

You can send a message to a match only if the user has been added to your account as a liked user.

Matches are suggested using a complex algorithm that matches your user preferences with other users.

Yes, the Matches page has a set of filters for you to have a refined search in your Matches list.

My Home page and Dashboard

The newsfeed which is available in the dashboard displays activities of added users such as a change of profile photo, adding a new educational qualification etc and suggested matches.

Only the registered and logged in users will have access to their My home page and dashboard.

  • New profile feeds
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • New messages
  • Recent activity


Yes, you can change your email by visiting
Settings page Change email address.

You can change your password by visiting
Settings page Change password

Yes, you can deactivate your profile by visiting
Settings page Deactivate profile

Contact Us

You can contact the website by visiting the Contact Us page and filling out the contact form.

Yes, you can send a new ticket by visiting the Support Ticket page and also manage previous tickets.